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GRAPES (Export only)

Grapes are fruits that grow in clusters of 15 to 300. They can be green, black, pink and of such other colors. The Indian grapes exporter exports tonnes of grapes to various countries today. The global demand for grapes has been on the rise since a few years considering its uses in different cuisines and its nutritional benefits. The grapes export from India has thus significantly grown.


Thompson Seedless is a variety of grapes grown on a vigorous deciduous. The graphs generally grow in large bunches. Small in size and sweet and mild-flavored to taste, these grapes are green in color.


Perlette is a variety of grape with white and thin skin. The flesh of this grape is firm, crisp, and usually juicy. The Perlette Grapes are said to be similar to the Thompson Seedless ones, but with a wider climate range.


The Anab-e-Shahi variety of grapes is generally grown in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and Karnataka. This variety is said to be widely adaptable to different agro-climatic conditions. It is late maturing and heavy yielding. The grapes are elongated, medium-large in size, and seed.


Black Hamburg is said to be one of the easiest grapes to grow. This variety can be described as large bunches of sweet-tasting dark red or purple grapes. The grapes of this variety are usually seeded.


The Pusa seedless is a selection made from the Thompson Seedless variety. The grapes are longer as compared to the Thompson seedless variety ones. It was recommended for commercial cultivation in the year 1976. This variety is suitable for both table purpose and raisin making.


Grown in Tamil Nadu, the grapes of the Gulabi variety are small in size, deep purple in color, and spherical in shape. These are generally seeded. This variety of grapes has good keeping quality and is used for table purposes. The average yield of this variety is around 10-12 t/ha.

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